The Garage

We're rolling up the doors and giving you full behind-the-scenes access to the High Rollers Garage. Our passions are in our vehicles and showcasing them at local cruise-in's, car shows and other events. With the amount of spectators at these events, we rarely get to share the details with all who are intrested. In the Garage, our members get to pull off the cover and get into some of the history, modifications and stories about their beloved show cars.
Of course this is just a small sampling of our member's vehicles. More to be added soon!

'72 Buick Skylark Gran Sport

After a short 8-year run, the Buick Gran Sport ended its Skylark-based production in 1972 with this second-gen body, ending Buick's muscle car line for the next 10-years. John and Frances J. adore this little beauty who has seen her fair share of road time. Just don't push your luck with Frances behind the wheel, she'll push the pedal past the floor.

'32 Ford 5-Window Coupe

The Holy Grail in Hot Rodding is the '32 Ford! The steel body and frame are Henry Ford originals and Jeff N. kids love riding in the rear Rumble seat. This beauty went through two restorations: 1972 through 1986, and the second starting in 1997. In honor of their father's passing, family and friends came together and put the '32 back to show quality in 2014, and is a memorial of their Dad's life for all to share.

'69 Ford F250 Camper Special

This Ford F250 Camper Special is a pristine example of a truck that featured heavy duty cooling, camper pre-wiring, and larger alternator, along with the new Explorer Special trim. Randall and Theresa K., plus their beloved basset hound 'Gabby' love this restored gem and are seasoned regulars in the classic shows at Old Town, Kissimmee.

'78 Pontiac Trans Am

As Jeff N. puts down 292-HP to the YearOne 18x10 rear wheels, there is nothing left of this '78 that hasn't been rebuilt, replaced and updated with modern parts and accessories. Let's just simply say it's a performance masterpiece, dyno-tuned by Automotive Performance. She's sexy! She's fast! And you wish you had her! Thou shall not covet.

'14 Volkswagen R-Line Beetle
"Heribe the Love Bug"

Here's a modern twist on an old classic from the movie Herbie the Love Bug. Christopher C. was lucky enough to have his Herbie's picture taken with an actual '63 Volkswagen Beetle used in the movie. The '14 model has five times the horsepower and nearly double the displacement of the original '63 model, to fulfill all of his NASCAR racing dreams.

82' Pontiac Trans Am
K.I.T.T. (Knight Rider)

It's our favorite part of the 80's, a Knight Industries Two Thousand, better know simply as K.I.T.T. The front mounted scanner is still cool today. Though this one doesn't talk or drive itself, in every other way it's period correct inside and out. But instead of David Hasslehoff at the wheel, you'll find Chris D. driving this flashback to several car shows in the area.

'84 California Munsters Koach

Designed by the great George Barris, the King of Kustomizers, of Hollywood California, this hand built beauty takes the best of a '58 VW Front End, '71 VW Transaxle and Porche 911 seats into the Munsters Koach. It's all custom here: paint, teak wood body, rolled and pleated interior, and a life-sized Herman Munster to boot. John and Bonnie S. are proud owners of this beast.

'64 Ford Galaxie 500

Beavis and Butt-head were a 90's MTV craze that can be seen riding in the backseat of this midnight blue Galaxie 500. Under the hood hides a 427 Big Block Chevrolet powerhouse that will throw you back in your seat. Catch Rudi S. pushing this monster to its limits and tearing up the asphalt in his wake!

'77 Pontiac Trans Am SE "Bandit"

Remember the movie "Smokey and the Bandit"? Burt Reynolds made the Trans Am sales doubled after the moive. This '77 Trans Am is a spot on replica, personally autographed by Burt Reynolds, and a head turner when driving down the highway. Just don't forget to watch out for Buford T. Justice in your rearview mirror! John Paul Gasca, movie buff and owner of this fine ride.

'77 Pontiac LeMans
"Buford T. Justice"

John Paul Gasca with another "Smokey and the Bandit" favorite, the Buford T. Justice Sheriff's car was always after the the Bandit, but always just a step behind. Jackie Gleason made this car famous when he played Buford T. Justice. There are only seven of these cars in the United States. Six of them still have their roofs. And this one is signed on the dash.

'69 Dodge Charger R/T "General Lee"

This General Lee has painted graphics, not decals like other replicas, and John Paul Gasca is always polishing it to a shine. The General sports a 440 Magnum engine and it will flat scat. The car is screen accurate right down the to the Archer Teardrop CB antenna. The steering wheel was upgraded to the Grant Rally wooden wheel to match the movie car. Kids just love the sound of the Dixie Horn.

'77 Dodge Monaco
"Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane"

Jimmie Best played Rosco P. Coltrane and wrecked so many of these cars in the TV show The Dukes of Hazzard". Before Jimmie passed, owner John Paul Gasca was able to consult with him on paint color and other elements to make the car show accurate. We will always remember James Best with laughter.

'68 Chevrolet Chevelle

When you see this fine ride, salute it's owner Kyle U! As a U.S. Marine he has served our country to protect the freedoms we take for granted and put in the wrench-time to make this Chevelle what you see today. The quintessential American story: Marine Core bread and american muscle fueled! Semper Fi.

'03 Boyd Coddington California Roadster Mustang GT Convertible

A Boyd Coddington / Roush Performance joint venture with a 100-piece limited production run. This masterpiece has the second of three paint schemes, DuPont Boyd Red over factory Ford Black. Numbered on custom 6061-billet aluminum ID plate and Boyd Coddington signed gauge package. Manny M. is proud of this pony and drives it with reverence for it's late designer.